SATURDAY 27. 07. 2019: 10.15 (Block 1)

Victoria Vox 1

Introduction to Left Hand Movement (chord melody)

Learn an instrumental Celtic-style song (Ship Goes Down), with chords and melody! Based off a C major scale, we'll be using chord and non-chord tones - applied with the technique of strumming and plucking - which will outline the melody. We'll also be using hammer-ons AND pull-offs as a left-hand technique. Music and tab will be provided. Techniques and concepts from this class can be applied to any song, and will change the way your play... forever!

Intermediate- In English- 325 CZK

Andreas David

Picking and strumming techniques in Country and Bluegrass.

Learn and improve your playing techniques with Andreas, who not only is one of Europe´s most skillful players, but his knowledge of the ukulele world and types of ukulele is magnificent.

Download the worksheets here:

Banks of the Ohio Melody

Banks of the Ohio Solo

Carter Scratch

Intermediate / Advanced - In English - 325 CZK

Silke from the Lucky Leles

Singing while playing the ukulele

We all do it, some better than others. Here is you chance to study with Silke who will demonstrate and help you with many techniques and tips to help you improve your performance.

Beginner / Intermediate - In English - 325 CZK

Marcela Brožová 1

Absolute beginners, adults and children

A workshop for those who have never played the ukulele or have just started. We will provide ukuleles for this workshop if you do not have one.

Beginner - In Czech and English - 250 CZK

SATURDAY 27. 07. 2019: 11.30 (Block 2)

Rat Pack 1 - UkuleleZaza

Rare Tricks & Grooves

It doesn't always have to be the same old up and down. In this workshop Zaza teaches you a bunch of cool tricks and grooves that will wow your friends, foes and fellow ukers. The techniques include the weird but wonderful finger-flap, a nifty fingerpicking swing and Zaza's own magical Peacock strum. They'll work in all music styles, or maybe none but you'll have fun doing it anyway. Guaranteed!

Intermediate - In English -325 CZ

Dead Mans Uke

Everything I know I learnt from Glen Campbell

Learn turnarounds and tricks you can use to make enhance your playing - all from an old record.

Beginners / Intermediate - In English - 325 CZK

Molly Lewis

TV tricks

Learn, play and record some songs for Molly´s Youtube channel. You will having great fun with Yellow Submarine to get you into the swing and will be tackling the Czech Eurovision hit by Lake Malawi "Friend of a Friend". You can prepare yourselves by downloading the chords here. 

We might also get to know this new Beatles technique:

Hold you hand

Yellow Submarine

Friend of a Friend

All levels - In English - 325 CZK

Rat Pack 2 - Ukulele Uff

Fancy Stuff

My playing style is centred around the ukulele masters of the 1920s, trying to recreate the wonderful complex sounds they made with their instruments and in a way that still sounds as urgent and modern as it ever did.
In this workshop I intend to dissect some aspects of my own playing style. I will show you some of my favourite techniques and how to use them. Including fingerpicking and strums, all rooted in the traditional style. In other words, I'll show you some fancy stuff. 

Intermediate / Advanced - In English - 325 CZK

SUNDAY 28. 07. 2019: 10.30 (Block 3)

Marcela Brožová 2

Absolute beginners, adults and children

A workshop for those who have never played the ukulele or have just started. We will provide ukuleles for this workshop if you do not have one.

Beginner - In Czech and English - 250 CZK

Victoria Vox 2

Intro to Mouth Trumpet

If your hands are full with a guitar or ukulele and you find yourself wishing you had a horn player, this class is for you. The Mouth Trumpet, also called a Mouth Horn or Lips-aphone, is an old jazz-era vocal technique first heard by the Mills Brothers. Today, it is used by beat-boxers and vocalists. Very similar to playing a real trumpet, you'll learn some techniques to give your "horn" some edge!

All levels - In English - 325 CZK


How to be a Ukulele Star - Stage tips

Crazy stuff from those crazy guys from Poznan. Learn how to set your audience on fire (Not literaly)

All levels - In English - 325 CZK


The living textbook

Czech hits on ukulele

Play Czech hits from Ondřej´s new text book in various methods, campanella, polyphonics.

Workshop comes out of the text book Czech hits on Ukulele, but you can also talk over about other Czech ukulele text books with author. 

All levels - In Czech - 325 CZK

SUNDAY 28. 07. 2019: 11.45 (Block 4)


"Tricks, Licks & Beats, all my secrets revealed!

I will confess everything I use in my technique, including how to arrange a song with ukes and some fancy rhythmic patterns."

We will start learning surprising versions of "Imagine" by John Lennon and other songs to understand every aspect of the process.

The key to understand music is to get rid of the answers we can easily find on the internet (chords and paperworks) and train our ears and our brain in order to work everything out by ourselves. This is going to be the ultimate goal of the workshop.

That is the way I rearranged Ravel's Bolero for many ukes here

And how a turned this disco song into a ukulele hit,

All levels - In English - 325 CZK

Paul Moore

Rock´n´Roll with Paul

Sing and play Rock´n´Roll, 3 chords of musical success, plus an extra treat of how not to underestimate your Kazoo. 

Workshop: here

Downlad the pdf worksheet here: Paul Moore

Beginners / Intermediate - In English - 325 CZK

Rita Braga

Calypso on the ukulele

Rita will demostrate and teach you how to play and master the magical calypso rythm, and show you how to incorporate in to your own play.

In English - 325 CZK

Rat Pack 3 - Wininboy Fred

Become a Jam Pro

Have you always wondered how music harmony works? Want to know how to put that knowledge to your own advantage? Actually, it's pretty easy. A lot of tunes follow the same basic chord progressions. In this workshop, you'll discover some of the most popular and common ones and learn how to recognise and use them. In no time, you'll become a pro at that next jam session where someone asks you to play Five Foot Two - in any key.

In English - 325 CZK