email: ukefest@email.cz

Director: Ben Anderson - tel. number: +420 602 267 684, email:  ukefest@email.cz

PR manager: Tereza Novotná - tel. number: +420 721 315 327, email: novot.terka@email.cz

If you want to play, attend, sponsor or just ask a simple question, please contact us.

The festival is being run under the auspices of the Society for the Renewal of Únětice Culture, (Spolek pro obnovu Únětické kultury), a non-profit organisation, reg No. 68378939

The address for all correspondence is: Ben Anderson, Pod Kapličkou 203/20, Únětice, 252 62, Czech Republic.

In urgent cases please call me on: +420 602 267 684

See you in July

Ben and Terka

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